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Best Metal Detectors 2021 | GMT 9000 Abu Dhabi ( أبوظبي ), Abu Dhabi ( أبوظبي )

Electronics Abu Dhabi ( أبوظبي ), Abu Dhabi ( أبوظبي ), Abu Dhabi ( أبوظبي ), Abu Dhabi ( أبوظبي ), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
11.00 AED  


Gold master 24k GMT 9000 Gold detector from Whites get it now with the best price from Golden Detector company in Abu Dhabi
GMT 9000 is A very powerful detector for all types of metals including gold, gold nuggets, and silver exclusively owned to the international Golden Detector.
New gold detector 2021 | Discover more gold with the GOLDMASTER 24K gold detector -GMT 9000
• The device can discover gold nuggets, small gold nuggets, and natural gold veins underground, and also discover buried treasures and ancient currencies.
• The device can distinguish between minerals and clarify the type of metal discovered
• The advantage of isolated iron and non-precious metals and installing it to search for gold only, with a depth of 2 meters underground
• The device works in all different terrain easy, difficult, and rocky.


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Post date 20/10/2021 7:12 pm